Apollo 8 All Set to Send First Human Flight from Earth

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On December 21, 1968, NASA’s mission control sanctioned Apollo 8 carrying the first human outside the Earth’s orbit. The destination was moon, which is nearly 234,000 miles away.

After the success of Apollo 7, NASA’s director announced the bold next step. This time team Apollo is designing and demonstrating another mission called to Saturn V. It will conduct its operation in the translunar space.

Frank Borman was the Apollo 8 leader and the NASA’s astronaut and pilot for the mission Gemini VII in 1965. He flew Jim Lovell the command module pilot on Apollo 8 and test pilot from another group in 1966. This Apollo 8 team launched the powerful Saturn V rocket for lifting off from Launch Complex 39A from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

For TLI, it took 2.50 hours after liftoff to fire the Saturn V, which propelled the spacecraft to 24,208 MPH. The Moon tour, they will lift off the spacecraft in the third stage, which gave an impressive view of the Earth.

Apollo 8 and Mission Control are ready for the firing of the spacecraft’s service system and to set into lunar orbit. After that for next 20 hours, Apollo 8 orbited for 10 times at an altitude of about 60 miles.

NASA Symbolize the Inheritance of Apollo

October 2018 to December 2022, the NASA will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of all Apollo missions. These missions include a dozen Americans that step on the Moon from July 1969 to December 1972.

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