Antifog Additives Market Opportunity Assessment and Forecast up to 2024


Antifog Additives Market: Overview

Fogging is the phenomenon of condensation of water vapor on the surface of the packaging material in the form of tiny discrete droplets. Antifog additives are useful for preventing the formation of fog in plastic films, which are mostly seen in agricultural and food packaging applications.

In the case of food packaging, the formation of drops or fog on the surface of the packaging material may lead to a decrease in the quality of food material that is enclosed in the packet, leading to a decrease in its sale eventually. For food packaging, the additive used must be FDA approved. For agricultural purposes, antifog additives are used in green houses to avoid the formation of fog within the green houses. The formation of fog within the greenhouse can prove to be detrimental to the proper growth of the plants as it tends to reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the plants. In extreme cases, it may even lead to the burning of the plants due to the optical activity of the water droplets.

Antifog agents are mostly available in the form of creams, gels, and spray solutions and wet wipes; ideally coatings are applied during the time of the manufacturing processes itself. Anti-fog additives can be added to plastics from where they can move out from the inner side of the plastic.

The substances which are commonly used as antifog additives are surfactants, hydrophilic coatings, and hydrophilic nanoparticles and coatings. Antifog additives are made up of a polar head group like hydroxyl and a nonpolar tail with a hydrocarbon chain in it.

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Antifog Additives Market: Market Trends

The idea of using antifog additives has been well-accepted in the food preservation and agricultural sectors. At present, there is an increase in the amount of food material that is packed and sold, for which it is essential to maintain quality. Fogging is a common phenomenon seen in packaged food items; to avoid fogging, antifog additives are widely used.

In case of greenhouses as well, it is important to ensure that the plants are growing in an ideal condition such that their growth is not hampered or affected by the formation of fog.

These applications are anticipated to be the major drivers of the market for antifog additives in the coming days and in the present scenario as well.

Antifog Additives Market: Region-wise Outlook

The packaging used in the food processing industry is highly susceptible to the formation of fog. Due to the increased demand for packaged food in countries like India and China, the use of antifog additives is expected to increase in Asia Pacific.

North America is also expected to be a potential market in the future due to the increased knowledge regarding the use of antifog additives for the maintenance of the quality of processed food.

Some of the major players operating in the market of antifog additives are PolyOne Corporation, A. Schulman, Inc., Akzo Nobel N.V., Clariant AG, Evonik Industries, Ashland Inc., Corbion N.V., and Croda International Plc.

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