Anti-viral Drug Remdesivir to find use against coronavirus, says study


In a ground-breaking development to fight coronavirus, America’s top infectious diseases experts have found anti-viral drug remdesivir drug cuts recovery times, and the medication has clear-cut benefits, according to full results of a trial published last week.

The results of the research carried out by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – an US government agency- are published in the leading medical periodical the New England Journal of Medicine.

Taking a cue from the research, the US has authorized emergency use of remdesivir in hospitals from May 1, followed by Japan. Europe is considering to follow suit.

Remdesivir if injected intravenously for 10 days sped up the recovery of patients hospitalized for COVID- 19, finds the study. This was compared to a placebo administered to over thousand patients across 10 countries.

Preliminary Evidence indicate Positive Effect of Remdesivir

“The preliminary evidence indicates remdesivir has a clear-cut, significant, and positive effect on diminishing the time to recovery,” said NIAID director on the 29th of last month, who has become a trusted face in the US government for coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, last week, the National Institute of Health, of which NIAID is a part, stated remdesivir is found to be most beneficial for hospitalized patients with severe form of the disease who require supplemental oxygen.

Nonetheless, the drug does not prevent all deaths, say the authors of the trial.

Also, despite the use of remdesivir, given the high mortality rate, it is clear an anti-viral drug alone will not be sufficient to fight the pandemic, added the researchers of the trial.

According to statistics, about 7.1 percent of patients administered remdesivir in the trial group died within 14 days, compared to 11.9 percent patients in the placebo group.

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