Analysis of Yogurt Smoothie Market: Food and Beverages Industry Offer High Growth Opportunities

Industry Insights

Yogurt smoothie is a health drink which has high nutritional value. Yogurt smoothies are found to be rich in vitamins, calcium, and essential minerals. They have high fiber content and helps in maintaining blood-glucose level and also plays a key role in lowering the cholesterol level. The rapid urbanization and fast moving life has made people incline more towards readily available ready to eat food and grab and go drinks. Due to this trend the global market for yogurt smoothie is expanding rapidly.

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Yogurt smoothies are observed to have relatively low calorie content as compared to other fruit drinks. Since yogurt which is added in the smoothies is a milk derived product, it contains milk proteins and lactose (naturally occurring milk sugar) which increases the metabolism rate.  Yogurt smoothie contains probiotics which helps in proper digestion and maintains a healthy gut. The protein content in the yogurt smoothie also helps in reducing excess fat in the body.

On the basis of product type, yogurt smoothie market can be segmented into two categories, organic smoothies and non-organic smoothies. Due to increasing consumer demand for organic products organic yogurt smoothie market segment is expected to grow at higher rate. Based on the packaging type yogurt smoothies are segmented in three types which includes tetra packs, glass bottles and plastic bottles. Amongst packaging type market segments tetra packs and plastic bottles segment is expected to grab higher market share due to convenience.

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Based on the distribution channel, the global smoothie market can be segmented into supermarkets/hypermarkets, online retail, convenience stores, specialist stores and others. Furthermore, based on the fruit content, the yogurt smoothie can be segmented into two broad categories, artificially flavored yogurt smoothies and natural fruits containing yogurt smoothie. Due to increasing health conscious consumers preferring natural fruit based products, market demand for natural fruit based yogurt smoothies is higher.

The Yogurt smoothie manufacturers mainly focuses on increasing the nutritional content of the yogurt smoothie by experimenting with unique flavors for enhancing the quality of the product without compromising the shelf life and the natural flavor of the drink. Increasing health concerns amongst people has escalated the market of yogurt smoothies globally. Organic yogurt smoothies gaining popularity as they are free of harmful chemicals and do not contain any artificial additives.

High consumption rate of probiotics and probiotic supplements amongst the sportspersons has is another factor driving growth of the  global yogurt smoothie market, as it contains fair amount of probiotics which helps in proper gut functioning. Increasing consumer demand for on-the-go healthy snack options is another major factor fueling growth of the global yogurt smoothie market.

Some of the key players in yogurt smoothie market include Bolthouse farms, Innocent Drinks, Smoothie King, Naked Juice, Tropical Smoothie Café, Boost Juice Bars Ltd., Dr. Smoothie, Stonyfield, Earth’s best and others. Due to increasing popularity of yogurt smoothie as healthy on –the-go snack option, market demand from global consumers is higher and established players are focusing on new product innovations as well as new entries are expected into the market.

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