Amylcinnamyl Alcohol Market Is Used In Numerous Personal Care Product, Hair Care Products As A Fragrant

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Amylcinnamyl alcohol is also known as alpha-amyl cinnamic alcohol as well as by some other names like buxinol, alpha pentyl cinnamyl alcohol, and 2-benzylideneheptenol. Amylcinnamyl alcohol is a slightly yellow (almost colorless) liquid with a slightly floral odor. Amylcinnamyl alcohol is insoluble in water. Amylcinnamyl Alcohol is a synthetic product used mostly as a prominent perfume chemical as well as in various personal care (moisturizers, soaps, facial scrub, hair gel, lotions) and food products as a source of flavor and fragrances. Due to rapid urbanization, people are becoming fond of grooming and personal care. This factor has led to a massive usage of amylcinnamyl alcohol globally. Also, amylcinnamyl alcohol is used as a flavor in various food products like jam and jellies, bakery, and confectionery products. Consumers are always in search of new flavors, amylcinnamyl alcohol in different food products would be a new option for consumers.

Amylcinnamyl Alcohol as a Halal Fragrance

Amylcinnamyl is used in numerous personal care products including soaps, detergents, essence, perfumes, skin care, and hair care products as a fragrant. According to MCG (Muslim Consumer Group), amylcinnamyl alcohol is halal as cinnamyl alcohol is obtained from cinnamon and balsam leaves from Peru. Hence, it can be used by the Muslim community as well.

Some of the primary players in the amylcinnamyl alcohol market include DeLong Chemicals America, LLC, Penta Manufacturing Company, Shijiazhuang Lida Chemical Co, Ltd, LLUCH ESSENCE S.L., R C Treatt and Co Ltd, Merck & Co., Inc, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Synerzine, Inc.etc. Among these, some are both manufacturers and suppliers of amylcinnamyl alcohol. Manufacturers and industrialists are showing a keen interest in amylcinnamyl alcohol. This factor will escalate the demand among consumers during the forecast period.

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Amylcinnamyl alcohol has tremendous demand among perfume manufacturers all over the world. In addition, amylcinnamyl alcohol has extensive uses as a flavoring agent in food. Nowadays, everyone is becoming fond trying out different flavors. This factor will give a good scope for amylcinnamyl alcohol manufacturers to expand their presence in the market and utilize the agglomerating demand for food processing. Due to infrastructural supply chains, it is anticipated that there would be higher returns for investors in the amylcinnamyl alcohol market during the forecast period.

  • Amylcinnamyl alcohol, according to MCG (Muslim Consumer Group), is a halal fragrance ingredient used in perfumes. Cinnamyl Alcohol is obtained from leaves of cinnamon. As a large number of Muslim community lives in the region of Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific, it is an excellent opportunity for amylcinnamyl alcohol manufacturers to develop a huge market in these regions.

Amylcinnamyl alcohol has ample demand across the world due to its growing applications in cosmetics, personal care, and foods products. Globally, amylcinnamyl alcohol is highly used in American and Asia Pacific countries due to growing consumer preference for diverse flavors and fragrances. In the Middle East, amylcinnamyl alcohol is predominantly used in perfumes and cosmetics. In the Asia Pacific, the increasing demand in food processing industries has contributed to the positive growth of the amylcinnamyl alcohol market. Due to above factors, it is anticipated that, the global amylcinnamyl alcohol market would remain positive during the forecast period.

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