Amazon Scout Delivery Robots debuts in Washington State

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In yet another breakthrough development in the robotic space, Amazon debuts its self-driven delivery device Scout. Size-wise, Scout is akin to a small cooler and rolls along sidewalks, thus completing safe delivery of packages to customers’ doorsteps. At present, the device is operating in Snohomish County in Washington State.

The robot is the newest from Amazon in its expanding logistics business. Adorable it is, and the cutest last-mile solution from Amazon so far.

As it evolves, Scout will carry out delivery autonomously, but initially a company employee will accompany the robot. Scout developed at Amazon’s research and development lab in Seattle, is smart for safe navigation. It efficiently navigates around pedestrians, pets, and any other obstruction in the path. Scout is the newest in a spate of trials of pavement robots, and is a good alternative to conventional delivery methods.

Technical Details of Scout not furnished yet

To start with, Amazon is releasing only six Scouts to operate during weekdays and daylight hours. Snohomish Country customers of Amazon can order packages in the normal way. Functionality-wise, Scout finds way to the customer’s door and opens a top hatch automatically. This thus allows the customer to retrieve the package. However, the technical details have not been released. There is no explanation in the event if customer is not in at the time of delivery.

Amazon’s debut of Scout is a challenge to start-ups such as TeleRetail, Marble, and Starship already in the space.

Previously, Amazon announced last-mile delivery options, which included delivery to a customer’s garage, car, and inside their front door.

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