Amazon Partners with Connected-Car Service Vendor Telenav

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Amazon has never held back from going an extra mile in promoting its products and offerings. This was more than apparent after Amazon launched its voice assistant ‘Alexa.’ And now the company has taken yet another step in popularising ‘Alexa’ by partnering with Telenav. The latter is a renowned vendor in the domain of location-based and connected-car services.

As per the deal, Telenav will incorporate ‘Alexa’ voice assistants in its navigation systems for automobiles. This would enable Amazon to popularize its voice assistant technology across the automobile industry.

Improvements in Alexa 

As of now, Alexa is ill-equipped in catering to the information that is frequently required by drivers. However, the partnership between Amazon and Telenav on the pretext of installing ‘Alexa’ in cars shall aid improvements in Alexa’s capabilities. Furthermore, car manufacturers will now have an easier route to induct Alexa voice assistants in their cars. A spokesperson for Amazon expressed his optimism about the partnership deal. He stated that the navigation systems hold utmost vitality for car manufacturers. Previously, Amazon had opened Alexa’s availability through some of the models of BMW group.

Amazon Readies for In-Car Services 

Recently, Amazon also announced partnership with HERE Technologies to install voice-first navigation systems in over a 100 million vehicles using HERE. These announcements are an indication that Amazon is swiftly gathering the reins of in-car technologies. It would be interesting to see the response of the masses to Amazon’s quick recourse towards the automobile industry.

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