Amazon Launches Machine Learning Product in Healthcare

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Machine learning’s potential to transform functioning of the healthcare sector has resulted in big tech companies betting big on it. Take for example Amazon’s new service. It leverages machine learning to glean crucial data from patient records. It can also enable healthcare providers and researchers to lower costs and take informed decisions on treatment. Further, it can help manage clinical trials as well.

Various Advantages of Products

The latest product by Amazon has been named Amazon Comprehend Medical. It is a mix of machine learning and text analysis that can help to read records of patients. The records mostly comprise of notes, prescriptions, test reports, and audio interviews. After scanning those, it offers vital suggestions on treatments, diagnosis, symptoms, and medical dosage.

As per an official statement by Amazon, it helps to do away with the time consuming, laborious manual process. In this manner, it eliminates the cost of hiring medical experts or developers to write custom code. The machine learning system by Amazon can extract the relevant information automatically. It can uncover medical conditions and gather details on treatments and medical tests and procedures.

The machine learning product by Amazon can also help patients by helping them to schedule visits to clinics and hospitals. It can prescribe medicines or help in finding out insurance eligibility.

Most Tech Giants Focus of Lucrative Healthcare Sector

Sensing an opportunity in the healthcare sector, Amazon has trained its sights on it. For instance, it has acquired online prescription service PillPack for over a billion dollars. It has also entered into a joint venture with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway. Not just Amazon, other big tech companies have also set their gaze upon the lucrative healthcare sector.

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