Amazon Go, Changing Perspective of Future Shopping

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The future of shopping has already arrived at our doorstep with the advent of New Year’s Eve. Amazon, the multinational technological company is soon to introduce the mall that has it all. Starting from holograms to greet us at the entrance, there are robots roaming about in aisles for helping customers. Besides, this Amazon shop has a separate window for tapping to buy things while the shop remains close.

Robots – A New Shopping Friend

The focus of this retail shop is to understand the needs and demands of every customer. This way, the customers can shop.

The new retail business of Amazon will collaborate with MasterCard during April. This in one way will help customers to shop with ease without any budget bars. However, the rate of revenue share will increase and thus, prove beneficial for Amazon.

Robots to Guide Customers Reach their Desired Items Sooner

The motto of Amazon Go experience is “No lines or Checkout required”. These projects attract more customers and spread business worldwide. Apart from that, the Walk out technology used in Amazon Go is also attracting. AmazonGo application can find its way into both iPhone and Androids, leaving more scope of profit in the coming years.

The introduction of various robots from the best companies like Simbe Robotics will be the first attraction of the market. Shoppers at malls and retail stores can get information from the robots about the item they are looking for. Tally, a robot, can help customers checking shelves, makes sure that each item have their price tags on. The immediate benefits of customers lie in the future of shopping malls. is looking forward to draw the most revenue of all shopping markets inclusive of online or offline services.

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