Aluminum Foil Packaging Market

Aluminum Foil Packaging Makes F&B Supply Chain More Sustainable

Industry Insights

Aluminum foils have become a popular metal material for packaging sector. Packaging companies and foil manufacturers have reaped substantial revenue gains from the high adoption of the packaging in multiple industries such as the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical. Some of the attractive functional properties are appearance, stability, formability, and conductivity. In addition to these, the attractive aesthetic value of the metal has spurred its popularity in various packaging end-use industries in the aluminum foil packaging market.

Several Characteristics Stirs Versatility of Aluminum Foil in Packaging Sector

The food & beverages industry in particular has widely adopted aluminum foil packaging for several of the attractive characteristics. Of note, aluminum displays remarkable barrier properties against variety of liquids and gases. Additionally, its resistance to high temperature and suitability in low temperature have spurred its use in food packaging. Its inertness with a wide range of chemicals is further stirring its uptake in the food packaging sector.

Emerging demand for metal packaging for cold storage in the food industry has bolstered the sales avenues in the aluminum foil packaging market. One of the major customer propositions is the ease and low-cost recycling of aluminum foil. In most cases, it can be recycled at low cost and with low carbon footprint. Thus, end-use industries notably food service industry have witnessed a recurrent interest in aluminium foil. Furthermore, due to its non-magnetic properties of aluminium, it allows ease of separation in recycling facilities.

Products Help Meet Sustainability Goals

Foil producers  in aluminum foil packaging market are leveraging advancements in rolling and coating technologies to meet a wide cross-section of demands in end-use industries. Companies are eyeing a unique market proposition in the value of aluminum foil packaging for sustainability. The packaging is garnering attention among food brands to promote their sustainability goals. In recent decades, aluminum converter foils have gained preference over plastics-based packaging for their beneficial impact on the environment. Over the years, the demand for custom converter foil solutions will expand the avenue in the aluminum foil packaging market.

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