Aluminum Chloride Market to Grow Exponentially by 2023

Industry Insights

Aluminum chloride is available as white colored hexagonal crystals as well in powdered form. Aluminum chloride turns yellow in presence of contamination, further it has strong odor of hydrogen chloride and is moisture sensitive. Aluminum chloride has a prime application in aluminum production and industrial waste water treatment, which includes BOD and COD removal, FOG, TSS and metals precipitation, Inks, food, metals, ad oily waste treatment. Other application includes production of aluminum metal powder.

Aluminum metal powder is a raw material for manufacturing solar cells and electromagnetic components. Therefore, demand of solar cells and electromagnetic components would directly increase the demand for aluminum chloride. Additionally, it is also used in cracking of oil and as a catalyst in Friedel-Craft reaction in an organic synthesis.

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Waste water can cause serious environmental problems due to their high color, large amount of suspended solids, and high chemical oxygen demand. However, different conventional physicochemical and biological treatments have been used to treat the industrial waste water. Therefore, aluminum chloride is used for water treatment. Aluminum chloride hexahydrate is used for treating hyperhidrosis, hence it is also required in pharmaceutical industry.

Geographically, in Asia Pacific, the increasing industrialization has driven the demand of waste water treatment to control the increasing pollution and to protect the aquatic life. For instance, countries such as China and India, growth in gross domestic product (GDP), industrialization is the major factor, and therefore demand of aluminum chloride is gradually increasing for sustainable development. Currently, Japan in Asia Pacific accounted for major market share in terms of consumption of aluminum chloride for waste water treatment. However, North America holds the largest market share regionally for waste water treatment. Countries such the U.S. and Canada are the largest consumers of aluminum chloride for waste water treatment. Countries in Western Europe, such as the UK, Germany, and others accounts for major market share in terms of consumption of aluminum chloride in waste water treatment. Eastern and Central Europe is among emerging countries in terms of consumption of aluminum chloride for waste water treatment.

Therefore, countries in Eastern and Central Europe, holds the highest opportunity for aluminum chloride consumption for waste water treatment in next six years. In Rest of the World region (RoW), this includes countries in Middle East, South Africa, and Latin America, petroleum extraction process accounts for highest contribution for water pollution. Furthermore, in Middle East the petroleum extraction is one the largest industry and fresh water availability is comparatively less than the other part of the world. Therefore, waste water treatment is one the prime business to control the water wastage. Hence, demand of aluminum chloride is prominent in Middle East region. Therefore, demand is projected to increase during the forecast period in these regions to control the water wastage.

Increasing demand in automotive industry has directly increased the demand in aluminum. Aluminum is produced by using aluminum chloride. Therefore, growth in consumption of aluminum would directly increase the demand of aluminum chloride. Asia Pacific is one the largest producer of aluminum, thus Asia Pacific, accounts for highest consumption of aluminum chloride for aluminum production.

Aluminum chloride is also used in pharmaceutical industry for hyperhidrosis treatment. In hyperhidrisis, there is uncontrolled sweat release. Thus to control the sweating and unwanted water loss from human body aluminum chloride is widely used globally.

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Some of the key manufacturers of aluminum chloride include Gulbrandsen, GFS Chemicals, Inc, CellMark AB, Holland Company Incorporation, Southern Ionics, Skyhawk Chemicals Inc and others.

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