Alpine Herb Extract Market Revenue To Rise Substantially Owing To Increasing End-Use Adoption 2017 – 2025

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Alpine herbs are plants that are grown in alpine climate which includes low temperature, dryness, and high degree of ultraviolet radiations. Alpine plants constitute different plants species in a single environment and are known to contain high levels of metabolites in order to protect themselves against the environmental stress of high altitudes.

Alpine herb extracts are widely used as substrates for the production of cosmetic products used for several skin applications. To cite an example, alpine herb extract is used as an innovative treatment against oily skin and related issues, skin whitening treatment targeting pore size reduction and others. The market for alpine herb extract is expected to grow at significant growth rate owing to increasing demand for organic and more natural cosmetic products across the globe.

Alpine Herb Extract Market Segmentation

Alpine herb extract market is segmented on the basis of area of application, sales channel and region. On the basis of area of application the global alpine herb extract market is segmented into, hair care, skin care, lip care. For skin care applications alpine herb extract is widely used as anti-ageing formula, photo aging prevention product, sun care protecting products, aftershave balm etc. While in hair care, the alpine herb extract is used as substrate in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. The growing trend of natural cosmetic products is driving consumers towards products that are organic and more natural. Over the years the niche market for natural and organic cosmetic products has shifted towards the main stream cosmetic products market.

On the basis of sales channel alpine herb extract is segmented as; hypermarkets/supermarkets, retail stores, specialty stores, online retail and other retail formats. The major share of revenue being driven by the hypermarkets/supermarkets segment, the online retail is expected to attain significant shares in the overall alpine herb extract market over the forecast period.

On the basis of region the global alpine herb extract market is segmented into, North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa. While Germany has been a pioneer in the organic cosmetic products market, Other European countries are also following the trend of going more organic when it comes to their skin and hair care. North America is expected to account for significant revenue share in the overall alpine herb extract market. A growing number of manufacturing are entering the organic products market in response to the growing consumer demand for organic cosmetic products.

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There are approximately 4500 alpine plant species offering a wide range of bioactive compounds and innovative certified organic extracts for the cosmetic industry. The growth of alpine herb extract market across the globe is expected to account for significant revenues over the forecast period. Consumers want cosmetic products that are rare and constitute exotic ingredients, a growing number of manufacturers are shifting their focus on delivering products that meet the basic criteria of containing more natural ingredients thus, fueling the market revenues of alpine herb extract market across the globe. Alpine rose is one of the most typical and prominent Swiss alpine plants and is used in cosmetic industry as a base for several skin care products.

Variety of alpine herb extracts have been introduced by the manufacturers and some of the global market players manufacturing alpine herb extract in the market include; Provital Group, Nura Skincare, PENTAPHARM, Tauderma and others.

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