Alert! Software Pirates Spreading Hacked Apps through Hijacking Apple Technology

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A big threat comes to Apple while their exclusive technology is no longer safe with them. Reuters has found that software pirates are hijacking Apple’s technology for distributing hacked versions of their popular apps. Many illicit software distributors have discovered paths in using digital certificates for stepping into Apple’s world. Such certificates mainly act as doorway to Apple introduced program, only for the corporations distributing business apps among their employees.

However pirate operations are using this renowned enterprise developer certificates, providing modified versions of Apple’s popular apps to consumers. Such actions are immensely violating Apple’s developer programs rule, further restricts the distribution of Apple’s app through the Apple Store. Moreover, downloading modified versions of these apps also violates major apps’ terms of service.

Apple Stopped Providing Enterprise Certificates to Facebook & Alphabet for Distributing Data-gathering Apps

Apple is unable to track the source of this real-time certificates distribution and improperly spreading modified apps. Although cancelling the certificates for the cause of misuse might appear as a solution. Furthermore, an Apple spokesperson said that Apple is taking serious approach in evaluating this misuse case. Moreover, they are also preparing to take immediate action against the developers who abused their enterprise certificates.

Apple has already banned some of the pirates from the system after receiving comments from the Reuters. However the company have noticed these operational pirates came back to the action, used different certificates within few days. To tightly control the situation, Apple is working on two-factor authentication – sending a code and password to a phone. The idea of this code and password is for logging into every developer accounts to prevent certificate misuse.

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