Air Core Drilling Regional Market Substantially over the Forecast Period 2019


The global market for air core drilling has been experiencing a significant surge in its valuation. The increasing need for effective techniques for extraction in mines and in oil and gas wells has fueled the demand for air core drilling technique considerably across the world. Analysts expect this trend to continue throughout the period from 2013 to 2019, resulting in remarkable growth of this market in the near future.

The worldwide air core drilling market is broadly evaluated on the basis of application and the regional spread of this market. Dust drilling, foam drilling, mist drilling, aerated fluid drilling, and nitrogen membrane drilling are the key application areas of air core drilling. Regionally, the global air core market is spread across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World.

This research report on the global air core drilling market provides a comprehensive market analysis considering its current as well as historical performance. The future status of this market has also been determined by evaluating the market’s prospects and the major trends in this study.

Overview of the Global Air Core Drilling Market

The increasing investment in exploration and production activities across various unconventional energy sources to meet the ever-rising energy demands is driving the global air core market significantly. The advancement in air core drilling technology is likely to boost this market in the coming years.

North America leads the global air core drilling market. The rising demand for efficient drilling techniques in this region is propelling the North America air core drilling market significantly. Analysts predict this market to maintain its dominance in the overall market during the period from 2013 to 2019. The increasing need for energy, particularly in the U.S., is prompting market players to explore unconventional energy reserves, which is likely to boost this regional market substantially over the forecast period.

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The Asia Pacific air core drilling market is also estimated to witness healthy growth in the coming years. A large number of imminent exploration and production projects and the presence of huge untapped hydrocarbon reserves are likely to drive the growth in this market over the next few years.

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