AIIMO Pitches US Dollar 12 million for Advance Data Labelling


Date labeling is an essential part of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and at the same time, it is also time-consuming. In most AI models, humans label the raw data. 


With increased digitization and contactless technology, AI and machine learning have become a norm in intelligent surveillance, autonomous driving, smart factory, robotics, and smart cities


Korean Company AIIMO Makes an Impressive Impact in Series A


Korean start-up AIIMO uses technology and humans to label and categorize images, sound, text, and mixed sensory data. The company is built on an AI annotation platform to speed up the data labeling process for companies. 


AIIMO raises $12 million in Series A to enhance the data labeling technology and spur worldwide expansion. 


The company was founded in 2016 by CEO SeungTaek Oh with three data annotations tools. AIIMO DaaS takes care of sensor fusion data for autonomous vehicle corporations, AIIMO Enterprise, the SAAS annotation tool using cloud architecture, AIIMO Gtaas, a turn-key platform for Big Data       


The company helps improve the data annotations for the enterprises so that the customers only focus on AI modeling with less hassle to handle. There are no coding fees or platform fees for the AIIMO Enterprises model; the customers can label their data using Chrome. For AIMMO GtaaS, customers send the raw data to AIIMO, which inspects and labels the data and delivers the same back to the customers. 


According to the IR pitch deck, AIIMO’s revenue for the year 2021 amounts to $10 million, and volume of AIMMO DaaS data labeling amounts to 200% in 2021

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