AI to Help Provide Insights on Success and Failure of Sales Deals

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The current customer-relationship management (CRM) systems aide sales professionals store data about existing and prospective clients. The information might be sufficient for them to organize a discussion with the customer. However, it is inadequate to understand what made them crack or spoil the deal., a young company in the CRM space says it has a solution for this. The announcement comes in the backdrop of the startup acquiring US$ 40 mn Series B funding recently.

The Product Listens and Filters Content that Matter

The development in the CRM market is significant as it could change the way CRMs function today. How? Currently, the management of a company is able to keep track of a sales person’s targets. But, when they wish to introspect what went right or wrong, there is not data available. Therefore, the upcoming product from promises to solve this problem.

CEO of the company Amit Bendov says that AI will help them hear the entire conversation between the customer and the sales representative. Further, the system will filter information of importance using an algorithm, and present it to the sales person and management. As a result, it will help management understand the reasons behind failure and success. Moreover, with these insights they can also improve their sales strategy.

Meanwhile, plans to double its workforce in the coming months. The company had 100 customers in 2017 and the number stands at 350 today. The latest funding is likely to go into expanding the team and improving the new product.

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