AI to Figure out Way of Audit on Violation of EU’s Privacy Rules

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The privacy regulator in the UK has appointed the first academic professional for improving the artificial intelligence (AI) and has asked him to figure out the way of audit ‘black box’ of AI algorithm. Even after Brexit, the UK has accepted the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was imposed from 25 May via the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

This GDPR has analyzed the works for how EU privacy supervisory body like the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office examine and enforce potential GDPR violations by organizations which use an algorithm for taking decisions about customers profiling customers with insurance or criminals.

One challenge to the best algorithms is that it can create ways of acting independently and differ with programmers. The algorithms are knowledgeable in multiple ways and the vast amount of data instead of relying on human or programmer. This makes it as a self-improving algorithm and allows to take right decisions more often and take assistance by a human in case of wrong decision-based o the training and data.

The regulations by GDPR, it can create trouble for regulators and organizations. It requires a system that is able to make decisions without the assistance of a human. It is able to analyses any person and profiling. These regulators expect that it would be able to check by assessing the privacy and its impacts.

Dr. Reuben Binns, the new AI professional said that the regulators are not able to carry out this part of the inquiry and can claim the wrong audit procedures. It assumes that organization being probed and can supply the necessary information.

This can stop any regulator from accessing and analyzing data which can be used against any person. And Brexit does not has a great impact on the adoption of GDPR from the UK.

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