AI powered Wearable Sensor predicts early heart failure


Frequent heart failures are common everywhere. What if you know about critical heart failure symptoms days before hospitalization? It is now possible because of a new AI powered wearable sensor. A new wearable sensor working in synchronicity with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help the doctors and patients altogether to detect a major heart problem early. This, in turn, will help to avoid dangers of last minute hospitalization and help the patients to lead a better life quality.

Accurate predictions for better treatment

The wearable sensor perfectly detects an early heart failure and provides an opportunity for better treatment options. Hospitalizations lead to decline in the health of a patient. This also affects the entire body cycle of the patient. Using the wearable sensors will surely help the patient to a great extent.

Mechanism of the wearable sensor

Some patients with a history of heart failure tried the wearable sensor. They wore the adhesive patch on their chest for the entire day for a period of 3 months. The results were transmitted to a platform by PhysIQ, which calculated the heart rate and other related activities. This helped to derive accurate results. With the help of AI, a normal baseline in terms of the patients was decided. If the output fluctuated from the normal, it meant a heart failure is expected. The sensor gave accurate predictions at an 80% success rate.

The researchers are also planning for a clinical trial at a large level. This will help the researchers with more insights and findings in terms of the predictions. The advent of such technologies will offer a better health for patients with high heart failure chances and will surely help them to lead a better life.

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