After France, Sweden Pulls Up Google for Failing to Comply with GDPR

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Following France’s €50 million notice to Google, Sweden’s pulls up the technology giant for failing to comply with GDPR. As a result, Datainspektionen, Sweden’s data watchdog has sent a letter asking if its location privacy setting comply with GDPR.

The action comes after a Swedish consumer rights organization found Google violating GDPR norms. US researchers found that Google does not stop collecting data even after turning off location settings. Therefore, raising doubts over Google’s compliance with the new privacy laws.

Google is Deceiving Consumers with its Design Practices

At present, Google claims that storing users’ location details helps in many ways. For instance, it provides personalized maps, recommendations, helps track phones if lost, and more. Further, the tech giant also states location history is turned “on” only if a consumer opts in for it. It also allows them to pause location history. However, if “web or app activity has location setting on” then Google cannot stop storing location data.

A research paper alleges Google for “withholding or hiding information, deceptive design practices, and bundling of services” to track users. Moreover, it finds that Google nudges users to opt-in for location settings through its services like Google Assistant. The research also point out that Google also buries disclosures about location data for advertising. There is no provision to turn it off after enabling location history.

Sweden’s data watchdog has given time till February 1 for Google to respond to several questions pertaining to GDPR compliance.

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