After Five Years, McDonald’s Adds Another New Breakfast Item

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In a hyper-connected world, where consumer attention is fleeting, keeping them engaged with new offerings has become an important strategy for companies operating across industries. In line with it, McDonald has always had something new to offer to its customers. For instance, in 2015 it accepted a longstanding customer demand to have all-day breakfast.  This helped it to resuscitate business yet again.

Now once again, McDonald has tweaked its breakfast plan to entice more number of drive in diners. This time around, it is planning on tapping into customer’s love for “secret menu” and “menu hacks.” In order to do so, it plans to load two slices of American cheese in between two sausage patties in everu stack. Besides, it also plans to top it with an egg and bacon.

The entire sandwich can be served either as McGriddles, McMuffin, or biscuit.

As per the burger giant, the new idea for its latest fare cropped up on noticing customer’s enthusiasm for “secret menu” items. It stated that it saw customers’ hacking “secret menu” items to create their own creative stuff. Inspired by it, the burger giant decided to launch a revamped product line. Of course, it is driven purely by business motive.

Steve Easterbrook, who is CEO of McDonald’s pointed out that breakfast is the best way to boost the number of customers. While it is not clear at the moment if Triple Breakfast Stacks would help in tripling the number of customers, one thing is for sure, it would definitely generate a lot of publicity.

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