Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System Market Will Escalate Rapidly in the Near Future

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Advanced surface movement guidance and control system is a system at airports with surveillance setup that includes cooperative surveillance and non-cooperative surveillance. This system provides surveillance, guidance and routing for the control of aircraft and vehicles in order to maintain the required level of safety under all weather conditions. This system also helps in preventing the crashes between all aircraft and vehicles particularly in circumstances when visual contact cannot be sustained.

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The advanced surface movement guidance and control system market is driven by various factors such as improvement of airport structures across the globe in order to tackle the increased air traffic and rise in the number of flight delays and cancellations due to the impact of weather conditions on operations of airports and jamming at airports. Due to the growing need for advanced surveillance systems with effective alerting functions for smooth and efficient functioning of various airport operations, the adoption of advanced surface movement guidance and control system is increasing rapidly. Also the constant growth in air transport across the globe is escalating the growth of advanced surface movement guidance and control system market. The growing number of air passengers is further resulting in an increased development of airports. The growing urbanization and population in major cities across the world and an increasing number of people opting for travel are making airports congested. Also, the airline companies are trying to operate more flights to accommodate the growing demand, thereby boosting the demand for advanced surface movement guidance and control systems. Furthermore high costs involved in the installation and maintenance may restrain the advanced surface movement guidance and control system market growth globally.

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