Adoption from Wide Range of Application Industries to Help Development of Global Monel Alloy Market

Industry Insights

Monel is a group of nickel alloys. Typically, Monel alloys are composed of around 52% to 67% of nickel and copper. In addition to this, there are small amounts of silicon, carbon, iron, and manganese in these alloys. These Monel alloys are comparatively strong and more resistant to corrosion by different agents such as fast moving seawater. These alloys can be readily fabricated by machining, welding, and cold & hot working.

High Corrosion Resistance is Key for Market Adoption

There are multiple factors that are having a highly positive impact on the overall development of the global Monel alloy market. One of the key growth factor for the market is their high resistance towards acids and corrosion. Thus, these Monel alloys are primarily find their application in highly corrosive environment such as chemical processing equipment, marine engineering, and hydrocarbon processing among others. Such wide range of application sector is also a key factor that is helping to drive the growth of the global Monel alloy market. Moreover, the property of high corrosion resistance makes these Monel alloys extremely ideal for other key application such as heat exchangers, strainer basket, trolling wire, fasteners, seawater valves, piping systems, and pump shafts among others. Monel is also used in valve pistons and rotors for the production of high quality musical instruments such as French horns, trumpets, and tubas. Monel is also a solid material and thus, plating flake is not a worry and allows it be used for preserving acoustics of these tubing instruments. Being a hard alloy, Monel enables finer tolerances inside the casing, which can help in the improvement of intonation.

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Some of the key brands operating in the global Monel Alloy market are ESPI Metals, Mukesh Steel, Alloy Wire International, All Metals & Forge Group, Special Metals Company, Mega Mex, Neo Nickel and Lenntech BV among others.

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