Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Boosting the Growth of Adalimumab Market


What is Adalimumab?

Adalimumab, also known as Humira and Exepetia is best known as an anti-TNF drug. TNF or Tumor Necrosis Factor is the protein that is generated in the body in excess during rheumatoid arthritis and causes severe pain, inflammation, and deformity of the human joints. Adalimumab suppresses the TNF and its effect in the body and allows the patient to get relief from the excruciating pain. Over the period of time the case of rheumatoid arthritis cases have grown exponentially, due to this the global adalimumab market is experiencing a major growth in recent times.

How Adalimumab works on Rheumatoid Arthristis?

A usual doze of 40ML is injected into the patient’s body once in every two weeks. The adalimumab in the injection suppresses the excess TNF generation in the body and relieves the patient from his/her pain. It is noticeable that adalimumab available in the market are not pain killers and do not possess any sedatives. Hence it is advised to have adalimumab treatment during arthritis. Owing to these subtle relief from the excruciating pain, the global adalimumab market is expected to grow consistently in coming years.

Can Side-Effects of Adalimumab be a Threat?

There may be chances that a patient might suffer some side-effects of adalimumab during the treatment. Since it’s a long term treatment ranging from 3 to 15 weeks, the probability of developing side-effects are substantially high. Patient might have symptoms such as soar throat, diarrhea, and coughing with green phlegm. In such conditions the patient must immediately stop the treatment and consult the doctor. The reason for these side effects is the fact that adalimumab affects the immune system of the patient and makes it week. There are many chances that due to these side-effects, the growth of global adalimumab market may get hampered.

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However, looking at the rising cases of rheumatoid arthritis in various regions across the globe, and adalimumab be one of the most effective treatment for the disease, the global adalimumab market is expected to sustain its growth in coming years.

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