Acetyl-l-pyrazines Market Overview And In-Depth Analysis With Top Key Players 2018 – 2026

Industry Insights

Flavors play a significant role, demand, and share in the highly specialized, innovative and competitive food additives market. Flavors are used in the food processing industry to enhance and modify the taste and flavor of the food products and to intensify their flavor profile. Acetyl-l-pyrazines are chemical based flavoring agents which are widely used in the food industry to imitate the taste and flavor of popular snacking food popcorn. The growing demand of consumers for popcorn flavor in different food products and snacks has led manufacturers to use flavor additives which can imitate the taste profile of popcorn, which has accelerated the market demand for Acetyl-l-pyrazines. The increasing technological advancement and strengthened research and development activities have led to the proper synthesis of Acetyl-l-pyrazines which is approved to be used in the food processing industry as a potential flavoring agent.

Growing Snacking Trend and Increasing Demand for Popcorn like Flavoring is anticipated to Fuel the Demand for Acetyl-l-pyrazines

The Acetyl-l-pyrazines market is anticipated to witness a lucrative demand over the forecast period. The Acetyl-l-pyrazines are used to imbibe popcorn like flavor in the food products like chips, crisps, and other savory products. Popcorn is one of the most likable and popular snacking option for the consumers and thus there is growing consumer demand for food products having the same flavor profile as that of popcorn. The increasing consumer preference for popcorn like flavorings is anticipated to be the primary driver for the Acetyl-l-pyrazines market. The growing urbanization, hectic lifestyles, increasing demographics of the working population, and growing per capita expenditure is leading to changing consumers eating habit.

These factors are contributing to the growing demand for processed food, ready-to-eat food, convenience food, and snacks and other savory products which are expected to bolster the growth of Acetyl-l-pyrazines. Besides, the growing snack industry is expected to fuel the demand for flavor additives like Acetyl-l-pyrazines. In 2014, the global snacks sales totaled to around USD 374 billion with savory snacks accounting for a large market share attributing to changing consumers eating habit and growing snacking trend. The Acetyl-l-pyrazines are widely used in savory snacks to intensify the flavor profile of these products and hence with the growth of snacks food; the Acetyl-l-pyrazines is also witnessing a growing demand.

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Some of the major players of Acetyl-l-pyrazines market include: Lluch Essence, S.L., Synerzine, Inc., Berjé Inc., Omega Ingredients, and others

The Acetyl-l-pyrazines are anticipated to witness an escalating demand from the regions North America and Western Europe. The Acetyl-l-pyrazines are recognized as safe chemical flavoring agents which are considered as appropriate flavors for the usage in food products by regulatory agencies like the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The growing demand for unique and innovative flavoring agent in the food processing industry is anticipated to provide a proliferating growth opportunity for the Acetyl-l-pyrazines in these regions. Also, North America and Europe account for maximum market share for snacking food and savory products; this is further fuelling the growth for Acetyl-l-pyrazines in these regions. The growing snacking trend and increasing consumption of snacks are leading to an increasing market for Acetyl-l-pyrazines; besides, the increasing preference of consumer for popcorn flavoring in the food products is further providing a growth opportunity for Acetyl-l-pyrazines in North America and Europe.

Manufacturers are using Acetyl-l-pyrazines in the processing of their food products owing the increasing consumers demand popcorn flavors in the food products and increasing demand for snacks and savory food. The manufacturers find Acetyl-l-pyrazines as easy to use and efficient way to enhance the flavor of the food product as chemical based flavoring agents provide enhanced flavors in less quantity and have more efficiency and efficacy.

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