Accutronics Announces Enhanced Version of Credit-Card-Sized Battery for Medical Devices

Accutronics, a leading battery manufacturer, has announced that come June, it will launch its smallest battery and charger for medical devices. The new innovation comes in response to the growing need for medical devices that are portable and/or handheld. The new ‘mini credit card’ battery will be on display at the MD&M East Conference slated to be held from June 9 to 11, 2015 in New York. The company already carries a reputation for being a pioneering in smart battery technology with a focus on the medical sector.
The new battery, called CC1150, has a footprint that’s up to 50% lower than that of a conventional credit card. The compact dimensions of the battery—54mm square with a height of just 9.5mm high—are a perfect fit into progressively shrinking medical devices. The battery features a sophisticated fuel gauge for tracking impedance and comes with a I²C interface. These features, the manufacturer states, make it exceedingly simple to integrate the battery into the medical device. The circuitry of the battery is further enhanced with protection against over discharge, over charge, as well as short circuits and over current. 
According to the company’s technical marketing manager, the company has succeeded in halving the size of the battery in a bid to help manufacturers in their pursuit of small-sized medical devices. The new battery model meets the industry standard IEC 62133, which defines the safety parameters for batteries made for use in portable applications.
The battery is accompanied by a new charger, called the CX3050 that can be used across the world as it features interchangeable blades and AC power adapter. Using this charger, the medical devices’ battery can be charged in less than 2.5 hours, the senior official said.
The first such battery was developed by the company four years ago, and since then it has been used in a variety of applications spanning medical infusion pumps to industrial laser measurement equipment.
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