Accenture the Latest Victim of Cyber-Pandemic, Hit by Ransomware Attack


In a recent statement, Accenture confirmed to be hit by ransomware attack by a hacker group that sued LockBit. This is reportedly threatened to release data of the company and sell insider information.

In fact, earlier, the hacker group posted on the Dark Web, “the services of Accenture are beyond security and privacy, and hope they are better than what is known to insiders. And, reach out to buy some databases.

In an email response to request information, Accenture confirmed of the ransomware attack but denied any impact to the company.

With the help of protocols and security controls, irregular activity identified in the environment. As the next action, the matter immediately contained and servers that were affected isolated. The affected servers were fully restored from back up. The impact on Accenture’s operations or client systems was zero, wrote Accenture.

Elaborating on the ransomware attack, the attacker used LockBit. This strain of ransomware prevent users from accessing infected systems until a ransom payment made.

Since it emerged in 2019, the ransomware has been highly active and has impacted numerous organizations worldwide. A number of attack functions of LockBit are automated – to make it one of the most efficient ransomware variant available.

To carry out the attack, a timer from the hacker supposedly showed the time to go before start of the attack on Accenture’s data commenced.

Meanwhile, another software solution providing company that was affected by Kaseya MSP ransomware attack stated to have been shocked to learn of the attack on Accenture.

Despite the might of Accenture and exorbitant spending on security, the company was subject to this.

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