Aaptiv Coach AI Gets Ready to Flex Muscles

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Aaptiv, a health workout advisory startup launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) health program yesterday. These plans promise to be highly personalized. The program offers advice to users on how to reach their fitness goals based on their diet, exercise tracked through sensors, and current fitness levels.

Aaptiv made headlines around the world last year. The company raised nearly $20 million last year from the likes of Disney, Amazon, and Bose. The company currently offers a mobile app, which targets physical trainers, and professionals.

Moreover, its new offering, the Aaptiv Coach is a new beginning for the company. Aaptiv’s new plans can make way for new direction for AI integration. The company’s CEO, Ethan Agarwal stated that the company acknowledges the superior guidance of humans.

According to Ethan, AI systems cannot match the passion and drive of human beings. This is a new line of thought in a world where large tech companies are banking on AI’s future success. For example, Google recently unveiled an AI receptionist who can book hotel reservations with absolute ease.

Time will tell us more about the capabilities of AI. However, there is no doubt that AI will be extremely useful with or without human input. AI promises to measure progress of Aaptiv’s large consumer base in real-time offering real solutions.

AI Raises the Bar for Coaches

Last year, Aaptiv was also in the news for making large layoffs. The reasons are yet unknown, however, reports suggest that nearly 1/3rd of existing coaches had to leave the company. AI integration may have played a key role in the development.

Regardless of the truth behind these firings, it raises very interesting questions about the future of human and AI collaboration. For example, what is the importance of human solidarity and passion in inspiring confidence among fitness enthusiasts? Additionally, can AI ever really replace a human communication completely? Furthermore, what and how can we learn from AI to become better?

No matter where and how AI takes us to the future, AI is certainly a game-changer.

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