Researchers study Lead-free Perovskite Material for New Solar Cells

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Lead-based perovskite is finding way as a low-cost and efficient material for solar cells, as per a recent study. Howbeit, the inherent instability and toxic nature of lead have raised major concerns pertaining to the sustainability of lead-based perovskites. This is thus hindering the adoption of these materials for large-scale commercial use.

On the other hand, in another move, lead-free perovskites received recommendation because of toxic nature of lead-based perovskites. Nevertheless, the lower efficiency of lead-free perovskites makes them of little use.

Properties of Novel Perovskite Material enhances Efficiency and Stability of Solar Cells, finds study

Meanwhile, the novel perovskite material has demonstrated promising electronic properties. Due to this, the new perovskite material is functioning as a charge restorer with dye-sensitized cells, thus enhancing their overall efficiency and stability. The findings are a result of research carried out by a team of researchers at School of Natural Science at UNIST.

Researchers used vacancy-ordered double perovskite among the various alternatives of lead-free material. Bearing the chemical formula Cs2SnI6, the surface states of vacancy-ordered double perovskite is unclear. This requires a comprehensive study to understand the features of vacancy-ordered double perovskite for their use in Cs2SnI6-based devices.

The research involved examining the charge transfer mechanism of Cs2SnI6. The aim is to clarify the function of surface state of Cs2SnI6. To do this, researchers developed a 3-electrode system to observe charge transfer via the surface state of Cs2SnI6. In addition, the research involved the use of Mott-Schttky and cyclic voltammetry analyses to examine the surface state of Cs2SnI6.

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