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3D Printing for Recreating Paintings from Photographs

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Scientists working at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory created a system for making a painting from single photo. This system allows the art lovers to capture picture and print new copies with the same texture. The system is known as RePaint. The system uses machine learning for recreating every color of painting and prints it using a top-of-the-line 3D printer.

The researchers found a better technology to capture the spectrum of Degas and Dali. This new technique is known as color conditioning. This involves 3D printers and 10 different inks loaded with very thin layers.

The researchers mixed their new technique with older technique, known as halftoning. The halftoning is a way of printing image by series of little dots of ink. This combination can capture the better nuance of the colors.

Changil Kim researcher working on the study said that the color of paint might vary from the gallery. The system works under any lighting condition with more efficiency.

However, the current technology is able to print the artwork on the size of a business card. The researchers reproduced numerous paintings by artists and collaborators. This printing by RePaint is accurate and effective by four times for recreating exact color shades than the existing technology.

In addition, it cannot support matte finish and doesn’t offer the support on detailed surface texture. The team is working on the system for its improvement and development of 3D printing technology. This improvement in technology will be able to recreate any size and any picture on the plastic.

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