3D Map System Market for Automotive witnesses Profound Opportunities from Autonomous Vehicle Projects

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3D map systems have been changing the ways real-time navigational content is generated and consumed for automotive applications. Navigation technologies in the industry are leveraging the potential of 3D maps for offering an exhaustive information pertaining to the surroundings: the nature of the terrain, road conditions, and information about fueling stations are just a few of the many types of information. 3D map system has also gathered steam in the automotive industry in offering real-time information on weather conditions, thereby alarming the driver of inclement weather conditions.

Inclusion of myriad information under the ambit of 3D map system will enhance the prospects of the global market. Unceasing developments in 3D mapping technologies are expanding the horizon. During the assessment period of 2017–2025, the opportunities are projected to rise at a CAGR of 18.0%, notes a recent report by Transparency Market Research.

Developed Regions hold Unprecedented Potential due to Uptake of Cutting-Edge Navigation Technologies

The rising deployment of 3D map system in passenger cars across the globe is contributing sizable revenues to the global 3D map system market for automotive. Among the various regions, both North America and Europe hold vast potential. In the regions, automotive players show substantial appetite for cutting-edge navigation technologies to improve the comfort and safety of passengers. Burgeoning tourism and trekking activities in various developing regions across the globe is also bolstering the growth in the global 3D map system market for automotive.

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In recent years, the advent of autonomous vehicle projects have created profound avenues in the global 3D map system market for automotive. In the past couple years, several technology companies have filed patents for 3D mapping systems that have potential use in autonomous vehicles. A patent on 3D mapping technology filed by the technology giant Apple in 2017 is case in point.

Moreover, rising industry efforts, notably by tech stalwarts such as Google, to combine these mapping systems with driverless technologies in the automotive sector will unlock exciting potential in the coming years. Companies in the coming years are likely to collaborate with automotive manufacturers to unveil innovative use of 3D map systems in self-driving vehicles.

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