3D Laser Scanner Market Promises Innovation and Growth


3D laser scanner market is expected to witness major expansion in the near future, thanks to growing advancements and new applications. The reducing costs of laser scanning, and its increasing use in applications like 3D printing are expected to drive significant growth opportunities for players. 3D printing is increasingly adopted in sectors like healthcare wherein personalised medicine is becoming a key concern and opportunity. Personalised medicine will likely improve quality of medicine and its effectiveness and is highly recommended by government authorities as cases of high-dosage can lead to worse outcomes and increase in resistance to anti-biotics. The growth of 3D laser scanner market will likely depend on the players ability to cope and adapt to rising challenges offered by 3D printing as major pharmacies in the US adopt the solution to provide in-house medical solutions to patients.

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Automobiles to Promise Major Drive for Growth

Current automobile manufacturers do not integrate 3D laser scanning for manual operations. However, passenger vehicles as well as commercial transport industry are expected to undergo major transformation in the near future. The major transformation is expected to induce trends like automated driving which rely heavily on 3D laser scanning to identiy objects and navigate movement. Without this technology, navigation during night can be nearly impossible without risks. This is expected to be a major driver of growth for players in the 3D laser scanner market as new automobile manufacturers continue to integrate the technology for a widespread adoption across the board.

Smartphones to Promise New Opportunities

3D cameras are increasingly making their way into smartphones wherein depth sensing is becoming key to unravelling new technologies like facial recognition among others. the growth of 3D cameras and depth sensing coupled with laser scanning can provide a perfect picture to end-user for possible applications such as understanding the facial expressions of users or tracking his movement in general.

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