2I/Borisov: Second Interstellar Object Spotted!

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The solar system has given to the scientists another object to rejoice about. This object is only the second such discovery and astronomers find it thrilling. And it is not just tantalizing but also raises interesting queries. The IAU has named it as 2I/Borisov.


In August 2019, a novice astronomer found a comet like object sitting at MARGO observatory in Crimea. Known by name Gennady Borisov, the astronomer observed a condensed coma and a short tail. And, there is soemthing interesting about this finding other than the object. It is that he used his own creation of a 0.65-metre telescope.

In about a week of research into the finding, IAU Minor Planet Center could delve into orbit computations, declaring it interstellar. The orbit is now computed. And, they confirmed that the object interstellar as the orbit is as hyperbolic as required. Now, it is important to note here that NASA JPL Solar System Dynamics Group has okayed the conclusion

The first object, discovered two years ago, is 1I/Oumuamua. The two we know of give hope that there might be many more out there. And it also gives us hope into finding a better way forward – novel way of investigating the solar system maybe.

What’s in store for astronomers in near future:

The discovered object will come close to the Sun on 7th December of the year. At the point, it will be 2 astronomical units from the Sun as well as the planet Earth. By January, the object will be bright enough in the Southern sky for astronomers to have hope for gaining insights. Thus, it comes as no surprise that astronomers are eager. And, also that they are optimistic about this rare guest. This is despite the fact that they will have to wait for longer than they did for 1I.


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