2020 Olympics to Sport the Best of Japanese Innovation

Featured Technology

Japan is famous as a powerhouse of manufacturing and engineering marvels. 2020 Olympics, soon to be held in Japan promise a sporting journey of innovation. Among these is an AI-guided technology to judge gymnastic competitions. Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has developed this technology.

AI systems can be highly useful in judging gymnastic competitions. Currently, prestigious tournaments like Olympics have over a hundred judges to evaluate live performances. Moreover, new fans can find themselves completely uncertain about the merits of different gymnastic exhibits. The new Fujitsu system will offer an app for fans to breakdown the entire experience and grasp pieces at their leisure.

The Olympics will also exhibit automated cars. While automated cars may not excite you, these should. These cars embed a level 4 automation technique, requiring no help from humans. Additionally, these cars will embed a talking AI, which promises to talk like a concerned taxi driver.

Furthermore, Toyota, an official sponsor will showcase their battery-operated vehicles. These will ferry guests to the 2020 Athletes’ Village, which which will be completely powered by hydrogen.

A Meteor and 3D fireworks


Intel, another official partner of the event has promised ‘new levels of fan interaction’. The company has exclusive rights to 360-degree broadcast. This experiences promises to take the visual experience to a whole new level. Intel will also light up the night sky with 3D drones. The technology is reusable and promises to keep the beautiful night sky green.

ALE, a Japanese research company might also put on a stellar show for viewers. The company has lined up an artificial meteor shower for the opening ceremony. This promises a vibrant and dynamic plasma emission, unlike anything else witnessed before.

Japan will also showcase its futuristic recycling technology. Japan will likely recycle everything from electronics to Olympic medals during the upcoming event.

Let’s hope the fans are up for a good game.

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