2019 Analysis and Review of Beverage Packaging Market Value chain and stakeholder analysis Watch Out !

Industry Insights

In recent years, the global beverage packaging market has experienced a steady development. This development of the beverage packaging market is primarily attributed to the growing demand for small packs and flexible pouches. Some of the key benefits of using beverage packaging is that it provides sealing, protection against moisture, retains aroma, cover against heath, and enhances strength. The global beverage sector includes ready to drink beverages such as non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic beverages. There are several types of beverage packaging. Some of the important components and materials include labels, glass closures, rigid metal, paper and boards, flexible plastics, and rigid plastics among others. These types of packaging may also include cartons, pouches, bottles, cans, and other types of packaging.

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Some of the key developments in the global beverage packaging market are given below:

  • In August 2019, Amcor Inc. announced that the company has adapted its cutting edge design technology for the development of the first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. These bottles will be used for packaging pasteurized beer in Brazil. The company has designed customized 600 milliliter containers for the beverage producer New Age Bebidas, Leme Sao Paulo.
  • In January 2019, Amcor Inc. announced that the company has launched a new capsule design for making wine opening easier. This new type of packaging will preserve the time-honoring traditions that are imperative for discriminating aficionados. The packaging is called EASYPEEL. The company is trying to target the wine loving community who consume the beverage on a regular basis. With EASYPEEL, the opening process of the wine bottle quiet easy.
  • Crown Holdings Inc. have recently announced the launch of Reveal temperature sensitive ink. These inks offer brand owners with an opportunity to increase the engagement with the consumers. The beverage packaging product is manufactured in partnership with Chronic Technologies Inc.

Global Beverage Packaging Market: Overview

The global beverage packaging market may have risen steadily over the years, owing to the demand for flexible pouches and small packs. Beverage packaging benefits in enhancing strength, heat insulation, aroma retention, barrier against moisture, and sealing. Beverage industry encompasses ready-to-drink such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Apart from this, beverage industry also provides energy and sport drinks, flavored water, vitamin water, vegetable juice, milk, aerated drinks, and flavored tea and coffee. Beverage packaging industries are adopting advanced systems to maintain nutritional content of beverages as well as ensures maximum security.

An upcoming report on global beverage packaging market by Transparency Market Research could be a valuable source of information for major stakeholders in the market. The report would offer a brilliant study of the market as it focus on market dynamics, segmentation, and geographical outreach. It is a useful guidelines for players to cement a strong position in the global beverage packaging market. The report would also throw light on growth drivers, restraints, opportunities and pitfalls in the global beverage packaging market.

Global Beverage Packaging Market: Key Drivers

Increasing demand for premium products, rising consumption of beverages, and growing demand for sustainable and convenient packaging are projected to be driving the global beverage packaging market. The global beverage packaging market is foretold to witness decent growth due to the enormous demand for functional drinks. Growing middle-class population, rapid urbanization, and increasing lifestyle changes are also expected to propel expansion in the global beverage packaging market. Beverage packaging help to extend shelf-life of products through utilizing several intelligent systems such as oxygen scavengers, moisture absorbers, antimicrobial agents, and antioxidants. This packaging system also facilitates easier processing and consumption of the beverage.

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