June 2016

Global Metallocene Technologies Market to Acquire Major Share in Conventional Polymers Industry

The catalytic properties of metallocene and its derivatives have been making a huge stir in the global plastics industry in the past few decades. According to industry experts, metallocene catalysts are the next big thing to happen to the plastics industry since the invention of Ziegler-Natta catalysts in 1960s, which made the production of polypropylene and polyethylene easily controllable and inexpensive. According to a recent market research report published by

Government Initiatives to Augment Growth of Global Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market

Healthcare IT outsourcing deals with the outsourcing of several IT functions to a third party in order to maintain and manage technology-related operations. The healthcare sector generates vast amounts of data, due to which it needs assistance for tracking the data electronically for billing codes, patient care, and maintaining medical records. As a result, a strong IT infrastructure, solutions, and devices are required to manage the valuable data. However, in

Global Biomethane Market to Witness Substantial Growth owing to Conducive Government Initiatives

Biomethane is methane obtained from biomass. It is a gas mixture with similar properties of natural gas and is stored deep inside the ground. Biomethane is considered as a pipeline quality of renewable natural gas, due to which it can be used as a substitute or can be blended with any conventional gas. The growing awareness regarding the benefits of biomethane has encouraged several companies to enter the global biomethane

Future of Global Animal Healthcare Market to be Shaped by Impact of Animal Health on Quality of Dairy Products

The animal healthcare market has undergone a transformation, solving the grievances of pet owners and saving the cattle that is integral to the poultry industry. This market has been an answer to a wide array of health issues faced by animals that are domesticated or reared. For instance, the revolutionary transformation of agrochemical pesticides into safe and effective topical applications for treating ticks and flea made owning pets a cleaner

Demand for Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Propelled by Rising Incidence of Genetic Disorders, Surge in R&D

Recent advances in bioinformatics and genomic sequencing have resulted in the development of various noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) methods. NIPT is recommended by gynecologists to detect the risk an unborn child may present for various genetic disorders, including Down syndrome. This screening method has been gaining popularity with the commonness of fetal chromosomal aneuploidies and the dangers of high-risk pregnancies.  The global NIPT market, according to industry experts, is forecast

Global Integrated Waste Management for Offshore Industry Gains Significant Impetus from Favorable Government Policies

The rapidly increasing volume of solid and hazardous waste resulting from persistent economic growth, industrialization, and urbanization has emerged as a burgeoning problem demanding effective solutions from both national and local governments. Sustainable waste management solutions are therefore considered imperative to ensure the well-being of the population. Integrated waste management is a systematic approach designed to manage industrial, community, and institutional waste streams. Integrated waste management (IWM) includes developing systems

Global Hydraulic Turbine and Water Wheel Market to Gain Immensely from Government Support for Renewable Energy

Hydropower is one of the cleanest sources of energy across the globe. With the growing shift toward renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and hydropower, the demand for hydraulic turbines and water wheels has surged. For the developing economies, hydropower is very useful as it is a cost effective, environment-friendly, and efficient source of power generation. Smaller generators can be utilized to harness hydropower, thereby reducing the dependence

Efforts to Enhance Artificial Intelligence will Define Success of Global Neuromophic Chips Market

The idea of neuromorphic computing was first introduced by Carver Mead in the late 1980s. The idea was intended towards using the very-large-scale integration (VLSI) systems equipped with electronic analog circuits to mimic neuro-biological systems present in the human body. The development of this unique branch of engineering stemmed from Mead’s prediction that future computers would use ten million times more energy as compared to the human brain to deliver

Green Coffee Bean Extract Market Driven by Increasing Demand for Dietary Supplements

Green coffee bean extract is obtained from coffee beans before they are roasted. The chemical composition of coffee beans changes drastically due to the roasting process; primarily, the roasting process gets rid of significant quantities of chlorogenic acid. The USP of green coffee bean extract is the retained chlorogenic acid, which is purportedly beneficial in weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is claimed to have an effect on the way the body

Metabolomics Market Driven by Increasing Investments in Life Sciences Research

Metabolomics is the study of the metabolome of a given biological sample. The metabolome of a sample is the complete set of metabolites found in it. Metabolites are formed as a result of the metabolic processes of cells and can be detected and analyzed using metabolomics procedures. The nature of the metabolome of the sample can reveal the nature of the cellular metabolism in it. Furthermore, metabolomic studies can also