May 2016

Global Vitamins and Herbal Dietary Supplements Market to be Driven by Growing Demand for Indigenous Medicine

The top performing products in the U.S. dietary supplement market are exhibiting double-digit growth rate thanks to heightened consumer focus on health, improved industry regulation, and industry trends that are focused on globalization. How safe are herbal dietary supplements? The manufacture of herbal dietary supplements is regulated by the FDA in the United States, but is not subject to the same scientific scrutiny or regulations as food or drugs. For

Growth in Paint and Coatings Industry to Bode Well for Global Pigments Market

Pigments are insoluble compounds that have a coloring effect on different substrates. Pigments offer tinting strength, heat stability, and opacity. They are used extensively in paints and coatings, construction materials, printing inks, and plastics industries. According to a research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global pigments market was valued at US$22.86 bn in 2014, and is expected to reach US$31.98 bn by 2023, expanding at a CAGR of

Future of Metabolomics Dependent on Biomarker Discovery and Drug Assessment

Metabolomics is a comprehensive study of metabolites within tissues, cells, organisms, and bio fluids. A metabolite is a substance that is either part of a metabolic reaction or is produced by one. Metabolomics is utilized for data mining and for presenting the functional information of an organism’s physiological nature. It comprises the study of products and substrates of metabolism, which are affected by environmental and genetic factors. The demand for

Global Market for Ready to Eat Snacks to be Driven by Convenience and Affordable Costs

In the last few years, ready to eat snacks have been gaining immense popularity among various age groups across the globe. Ready to eat snacks are products of all varieties that are chilled or frozen and can be prepared in minimal time. Ready to eat snacks are mostly prepared by adding water or by frying them. The growing popularity of these products has encouraged several manufacturers to introduce innovative and

Cone Beam Computed Tomography Market Spurred by Consumers Looking for Dental Repairs and Rework on Aesthetics

Although not a recent technology, the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has only been on the rise in the past decade. It is now commonly used in maxillofacial surgeries and other advanced cases in dentistry. CBCT offers several advantages to conventional imaging technologies in dentistry and also over conventional computed tomography. The global cone beam computed tomography market is currently being driven ahead by a number of reasons.

Global Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Dashes to Keep Pace with Growing Number of Patients

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, high blood pressure is a high-priority risk in the U.S. In 2013, over 360,000 American citizens died from complications caused by high blood pressure. At least 7 out of 10 people who have their first heart attack are suffering from high blood pressure. In the U.K., more than 16 mn people have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. These statistics show

Strengthening National Security and Protecting Marine Life – How Underwater Security Systems and Services Are Straddling Two Needs

The global demand for energy is expected to double in the next 25 years. This surging demand for energy plays a pivotal role in the depletion of existing fossil fuel reserves, thereby encouraging production activities in the offshore gas and oil industries. A new analysis by Transparency Market Research projects that the emerging economies are likely to account for over 75% of the demand for energy derived from the offshore

Global WaaS Market to be Driven by Increased Adoption due to the Ease of Deployment it Offers

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) refers to a group of services that are used to provide end users a virtual workspace. These services are mostly used by companies to offer its employees access to business applications and data from any location at any time using any compatible device of their choice. In the last few years, desktop virtualization has turned out to be a mainstream technology owing to the rapidly changing work culture

Does the Future of Smart Devices Market Pose a Threat to Mankind?

More than half a century ago, Kurt Vonnegut described how life would change, and not for the better, with automation taking over manual work processes. His book “Player Piano” foresaw the impact of automation and development of smart devices on the world and stated that it would render a large workforce jobless and useless. Meanwhile, the techno-enthusiasts and technology experts still went on to design self-driving vehicles, self-flying killing machines,

Europe Raw Milk Vending Machines Market Strongly Governed by Regulatory Compliances

There are plenty of consumers in Europe demanding unpasteurized milk and the region’s acceptance toward raw milk vending machines is not new. Unlike the US, where the government continues to warn consumers about the harmful effects of raw dairy products, Europe has been quite open to the idea. At least most of Europe has. Q. How big a role does the law play in the success or failure of the