Refrigerated Display Cases Market to Rise thanks to New Product Developments and Innovations

Refrigerated display cases/cabinets (RDCs) are the freezers or refrigerators that are especially designed for the purpose of storing and displaying food items of a temperature-sensitive nature or items that have to be kept chilled or frozen. These types of refrigerators are generally utilized in supermarkets and hypermarkets, grocery stores, hotels and restaurants, bakery shops, gas stations, catering businesses, and local or kiosk grocers. They can also be utilized in the biomedical sector for storing drugs and their specimens. The rise in the number of restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and bakery outlets has brought about a change in the food consumption habits of individuals. This is responsible for fuelling the demand for both RDCs and chilled rooms.
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There have been a large number of recent innovations and developments in this market and a variety of new products have been launched in the market. TMR, a market intelligence company based in the U.S, elaborates the cutting-edge models and products introduced in the market for RDCs and chilled rooms, along with stating their usage and benefits:

  • VM: This is a type of display merchandise that utilizes static refrigeration especially for displaying dairy products, cold cuts of meat, and pre-packaged food products. This type of model is characterized by top-quality food preservation and is helpful in maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional properties of food items. In this model, great attention is given to the technical aspects of food preservation. This model is often introduced with optional accessories, along with the standard equipment.
  • ELBA: This model provides static refrigeration for displaying certain kinds of food products such as prepackaged fresh food as well as seafood. Seafood needs a lot of attention and its particular organoleptic properties should ideally remain the same. ELBA display cases are helpful in maintaining these properties. Hence, ELBA display cases are a perfect combination of both quality and design and comprises aesthetic characteristics for the satisfaction of consumer demands.
  • VMS:  This is a static refrigeration display chamber and is especially designed to display beverages. This model provides an elegant and unique design.  In this kind of display, the products are displayed in an orderly and clear manner and this is why this type of chamber is considered to be very unique. All the beverages are clearly displayed, which allows the consumers to without a hassle select their preferred product. This type of refrigeration chamber is especially utilized for the promotion and preservation of wine products. The key variants of VMS include 100 STD, 125 STD, and 150 STD.

Apart from these, there are a large variety of new and exclusive models being introduced in the market for RDCs and chilled rooms, which, along with maintaining the quality of food products, have elegant and classy designs and are substantially robust in nature. Some other newly launched products include Action, EXPO, ET, and SPOT, among others. These innovations are poised at stimulating the RDCs and chilled rooms market in the forthcoming future.

The key manufacturers dominant in this market include Dover Corporation, Frigoglass, Manitowoc Company, Inc., United Technologies Corporation, and Hoshizaki International.

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