NeuroMetrix’s Wearable Pain Alleviation Device to Hit Retail Shelves Thanks to New Agreement

The launch of a new wearable pain relief device could improve the way people suffering from nerve pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis manage their painful condition. The wearable device, developed by NeuroMetrix, will now be available in supermarkets thanks to the company inking a distribution deal with Advantage Consumer Healthcare. 
The nerve stimulation device, called Quell, can be worn on the upper calf by patients and the stimulation is delivered through an electrode. The stimulation, which starts at the click of a button, leads the release of endogenous opioids from the brain into the spine. This process helps block pain signals, according to NeuroMetrix. 
Available with an application to help patients track their therapy more effectively and in real-time, the device could bring a ray of hope to people who live with several painful conditions. NeuroMetrix says that the device has been programmed to read the activities of the patient – thus, when a patient is asleep, an accelerometer inside the device automatically adjusts the device. 
Currently, Quell is available on the internet and through a network of select healthcare practitioners. But with the device’s retail launch now being made possible thanks to the deal with Advantage, more patients will find it easier to access and use the wearable pain relief device. 
It was in July 2014 that Quell was given the stamp of approval by the FDA with a 510(k) clearance which allowed NeutoMetrix to market the device as over-the-counter product. 
Interest in exploring the potential of medical devices has been mounting for the past few months. From smartwatches to wristbands to a gamut of other wearable medical gizmos, real-time monitoring has made therapies more timely and effective. In several cases, medical devices such as Quell also help collect and store patient data, which in turn helps devise personalized therapies.

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